Cutchi Khatri Education Society (CKES)

Since the times of recorded history, education has been thought to play a cardinal role in the progress and prosperity of mankind. Today, it is considered a backbone for survival and it is not unreasonable to assure that the next millennium will consider " what you know"? rather that "who you are" ? and will also reject gender differences or preferences.

Cutchi Khatri Education Society was established in 1990 with a view to supplement the efforts and projects of Cutchi Khatri Community settled in Karachi by cash and kind. With time, it became increasing clear that some families within the community were not able to support the ever rising cost of education of their children, who are otherwise extremely bright and accomplished. These young men and women are ambitious and of course, have a great potential to shoulder the burden of tomorrow's needs and will play a pivotal role in the progress of humanity, in general, and community, in particular.