MCKJ President Message

Alhumdu-lillah, Musalman Cutchi Khatri Jamat Karachi is launching its official website, an effective and modern mode of sharing ideas and information in an accessible manner. Through our website, you can learn about the Jamat’s structure, the various programs it supports, and its plans for the future. Through this website, I hope that you will provide feedback on how the Jamat can better serve the needs of our community.

Over the last two decades, the needs of the community have been at the centre of every initiative. In our most far-reaching initiative, the Jamat has focused on education, as a means to improving the lives of its most important stakeholders – our youth. In making quality education accessible, deserving students have been given the chance to attend the best institutions and pursue their interests. In making their dreams a reality, the Jamat ensures that a maximum number of children can be supported any given year.

Of course, such programs would not be possible without the support of many individuals who have shown generosity shared their time. We thank these individuals for their contribution and hope to receive their continued generosity and support in the future, Insh’Allah. We look forward to hearing your views and ideas to this end.

Talat Al-Nasir Girniwala
Musalman Cutchi Khatri Jamat Karachi