Zakat Collection

The members are well aware that Musalman Cutchi Khatri Jamat Karachi, raise its Fund through your contribution in the form of `Donation’ and `Zakat’ to help downtrodden members of Khatri community especially i) Educational help to poor students, ii) Providing houses to those who have no shelter, iii) Marriage contribution to poor families.

The increasing inflation, unbearable dearness, rising cost of living and escalating prices have badly affected the financial condition of the poor persons of our Khatri community and they need more help. Our responsibilities have also increased accordingly.

It is therefore, appealed to all members of Musalman Cutchi Khatri Community particularly the affluent and prosperous members to give their donation and Zakat to the Jamat for helpless and crying community of “Musalman Cutchi Khatri Jamat”. We need your best cooperation and patronage to promote this noblest mission.